Looking to design a data center?

Infoserve Technologies Limited helps clients design, right-size and integrate data center solutions. In order to avoid over-spending, we take a consultative approach with customers by evaluating current investments, stakeholder needs and business objectives. We then apply multi-disciplinary expertise to pinpoint the right technologies that will ensure the platform meets your business needs in the short and long term.

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Looking to create a converged network?

We help our clients to transition their enterprise networks to create a converged wired and wireless environment that is capable of supporting the rapidly increasing number of mobile devices, greater bandwidths required for media-rich content and the adoption of cloud environments.

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looking to create a unified communication?

The minute you unchained employees from their desks, you started a revolution. Motivation and productivity are now heavily influenced by the qualities of the digital workplace you provide. In the current business environment, most customers face ever increasing business pressure to keep workgroups connected, enable them to collaborate effectively, and streamline business processes to effectively counter the challenges businesses face to remain successful and competitive.

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looking to virtualize?

The right virtualization is the one that works best for you. Virtualization has become a business standard, with 80% of servers virtualized. From the base hypervisor all the way up to hybrid cloud stacks, Infoserve Technologies Ltd provides vast knowledge of virtualization products— with the experience & partnerships (VMware (Enterprise) (Microsoft Hyper-V), necessary to implement the ideal solution for your organization.

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Looking for a secure cloud-based business applications?

Infoserve Technologies cloud based security combined with our Private network VPN’s offer cost and convenience benefits and allow you to focus on your business with a safe and secure network. We give you control of the service via our Portal, where you can control every aspect of your security services

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looking to keep your business safe online?

Whether your assets are in the cloud or on premise, Infoserve Technologies’ security services allow you to identify, isolate and re-mediate your business against ever-changing security threats, keeping your business safe online.

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